Continue Diving

Become a Better Diver:

Once you are a certified diver you will probably choose to continue your dive education, perhaps by taking one of our specialty courses. A specialty allows you to focus on what you enjoy about diving and explore it further. For instance, if you have always wanted to enter our Zingara wreck, why not try our Wreck Diver course?

We also run the Advanced Open Water diver course. This is a great way to become a better diver following the Open Water course, as it involves 5 dives with different objectives. Two required dives are the navigation dive, where you learn about finding your way underwater, and the deep dive, where you increase your depth limit from 18m / 60ft to 30m / 100ft and experience the changes that come with the extra depth. You then get to choose 3 more dives in areas you are interested in – popular choices include a wreck dive, fish identification, or peak performance buoyancy.

Below are just some of the additional PADI courses we offer:

Advanced Open Water Diver – $370 Rescue Diver – $440
Wreck Diver Specialty – $300 Night Diver Specialty – $300
Navigation Specialty – $250 Deep Diver Specialty – $280
Enriched Air Nitrox – $270 Peak Performance Buoyancy – $180
Emergency First Response – $175 Digital Underwater Photography – $250

Do A Specialty