Du Du Caverns

Caverns “El Dudu” are one and half hours east of Sosua, in the coastal mountain range. You enter through a freshwater lagoon where the visibility can reach an astonishing 50 m (160 ft.). There is a cave system within Du Du, which is off-limits to those without the appropriate training and gear, but is intriguing to look into from outside!

The Caverns offers a number of different ecosystems just waiting to be discovered. Once you begin your dive, you will find sunken trees and spectacular structures. Through the tunnels you emerge into an air pocket where you can see the stalactites that have formed over many years. Be on the lookout for small crabs hiding away in the rocks!

Because of the overhead environment we ask that our divers are advanced open water level or above before going on this trip. An additional factor is the silty bottom of the Du Du caverns. Without good buoyancy, the visibility can be dramatically reduced by divers disturbing the silt. If you have never experienced cavern diving before, Du Du is a brilliant introduction. The trip includes a typical Dominican lunch at the end of the two dives, as well as your transport.
$150 per person ($160 per person including the gear).

Du Du Caverns  Crab inside Du Du tunnels.  Du Du Cavern entrance.  Sun Beams At Du Du