Dive Sites

Below is a little information on many of our local dive sites. For more information, check out the sites around Sosua on PADI’s ScubaEarth.

Three Rocks (max. depth 8.5 m / 27 ft.):3 Rocks (1 of 1)

Three Rocks are three sections of coral reef that span 45m / 150ft, hosting an incredible mix of tropical fish and plant life. Look out for the coral nursery off the third rock, where endangered staghorn coral is cultivated and replanted onto the reef when it reaches a good size.


The Canyon (max. depth 18 m / 58 ft.):fish school

The site is named after a beautiful two meter wide cut thru the canyon wall. The canyon itself and it’s surrounding reefs are habitat for a great diversity of small fish and beautiful corals. Depth from 9 meters (30 ft) all the way down to 18 meters (60 ft) makes it perfect site for everybody.

La Puntilla (max. depth 12 m / 40 ft.):Flamingo tongue snail on a fan.

Diving La Puntilla (‘Little Point’) is exciting because of four fallen boulders that have created a variety of caves and swim-throughs. Species of particular interest here are the barracuda and the seahorse.


 The Wreck of the Zingara (max. depth 36 m / 118 ft.):Diver dropping down on the Zingara.

The sunken Zingara, a 45m / 150ft long cargo ship, is home to a 2m / 6ft long moray eel who has a reputation for surprising curious divers. The ship is host to numerous fan corals, whips, barrels and tube sponges.


Las Palmeras (max. depth 18 m / 58 ft.):Swim through at Palmera/

The best thing about this site are the swim-throughs found at various points on the reef. Exercise caution before entering as some of them are quite tight! As well as this, there are many beautiful large fan corals and elkhorn coral structures.


Coral Garden (max. depth 18 m / 58 ft.):Butterfly fish and sea whips.

A beautiful wide area of coral with massive sea fans and sea whips. This site has some of our most healthy reef in Sosua, with a high density of coral growth. There are plenty of small fish and garden eels around with the occasional bigger fish swimming above.


Paradise I & II (max. depth 40 m / 130 ft.):Squid at Paradise I

These sites are located in front of our outlet at Sosua by the Sea hotel. The reefs run parallel alongside the shore with many friendly sergeant major fish, drums, and the occasional octopus. During night dives here squid and lobster can be seen searching for food!


Pyramids (max depth 18 m / 58 ft.):Diver approaching a swim through.

This site is called Pyramids because of the magnificent rock structures that have developed here. Many fallen boulders and rocks have created an interesting shallow dive that twists and turns as you explore the cracks and crevasses in the rocks, and the creatures hidden within!


Ray Point (max. depth 40 m / 130 ft.):Ray Point

Ray Point is also known as Chiquita Reef, and is found between the Zingara wreck and Three Rocks dive site. The site is a vertical wall that goes down to 40 m, and often has excellent visibility. If you’re lucky you may see a stingray, as they are occasional visitors to this site. This dive is done as a drift dive, travelling along the wall and being picked up by our boat at an exit point further down.


Five Rocks (max. depth 24 m / 78 ft.):Elkhorn Coral at 5 Rocks.

Unsurprisingly, Five Rocks is so named because of the 5 large collections of reef that are found here comprised of very large coral heads. The reef begins at a very shallow depth (around 5 m) and goes all the way down to 25 m at its deepest point.


Airport Wall (max. depth 30 m / 97 ft.):Green moray at Airport.

This is a very beautiful site, and commonly requested by returning divers. There are 2 buoys that can be used to access this site at different points. After descending down the line, you will find lots of large sea whips and sea fans, and a whole host of varied tropical fish.


Mini Wall (max. depth 30 m / 97 ft.):Lionfish family.

At the bottom of the descent line is large submerged tree trunk where many little fish congregate; a sandy highway leads the way to the wall itself. Here the reef drops down to around 30 m, and is covered in beautiful soft coral. Lionfish are frequent inhabitants of this area.


West Wall (max. depth 25 m / 81 ft.):West Wall

This site is know for one or two large barracudas that frequent the top of the reef. An enjoyable dive for both beginners and advanced divers, the reef wall begins at 6 m and continues down to 25 m, with many anenomes and sea fans.