Paradise Island

If you’re looking for something special, look no further. This all day trip includes 3 meals, private transportation to Paradise Island (known locally as Cayo Arena), and guided snorkeling around one of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful reefs. The day starts early at 7.30, where we meet and begin our journey to Punta Rucia. We stop for breakfast at a wonderful local restaurant and then board our boat to the island. Because of the secluded nature of the island, the reefs are in pristine condition, with large vibrant sea fans and sponges. There are huge schools of sergeant major fish and yellowtail snappers everywhere you look, and occasionally a school of surgeonfish will travel past. Between snorkeling you can relax on the beach with the lunch that we provide. This includes fresh fruit, soft drinks, sandwiches, and other items. You can also explore the shallow waters immediately surrounding the island. Many juvenile fish shelter here where they are protected. If you are lucky you will find some of the jawfish that build their burrows in the sand, or an octopus or two squeezed into a hole! When we return to the mainland, you can rinse off in one of the freshwater showers. The day has a perfect ending with a stop at a local fish house for an all round island experience. $150per person, with a minimum of 4 people or $600 required.